February is a great month to watch films that celebrate the world of wine. From documentaries to comedies to romances, the story of wine is as complex as is a good glass of wine. We’re offering wine, food and movie pairings to make the experience an event! Save $2 on any lunch sandwich and 750 ml bottle of wine through February 28. Try our suggestions or pick your own.

1 | The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) - This is based on Robert Crichton’s 1967 novel of the same name. In 1943, the German army occupies the Italian hillside town of Santa Vittoria in the Marche winemaking region. The troops want to confiscate the region’s prized wine, but the cunning, oft-inebriated mayor (Anthony Quinn) and townspeople conspire to and successfully hide one million bottles in a cave.

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Bruni Poggio d’Elsa Tuscan  $11.99

Notorious P.I.G. $10


2 | Year of the Comet (1992) - Boy gets girl in this caper, in which a young wine professional (Penelope Ann Miller) uncovers the most expensive bottle of wine in the world in the cellar of a castle in Scotland. Tim Daly plays the part of her partner in fending off thieves in their attempt to bring the large format bottle of Bordeaux, from the vintage of the Great Comet of 1811, to auction.

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Chateau Roc de Minvielle Bordeaux $11.99
Habibi (Arabic for "my beloved") $10

3 | A Walk in the Clouds (1995) - A beautiful, unmarried and pregnant woman meets a married soldier (Keanu Reeves) returning home from World War II.  She tells him about her family’s Napa vineyard and the three generations that live there. She fears her father’s harsh and overbearing response to her situation and the soldier agrees to temporarily pose as her husband to save her honor. They fall in love and the story unfolds in the vineyard. 

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Rubus Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99

Hoos Got Beef $10

4 | Sideways (2004) - After the release of this movie Pinot Noir sales increased and Merlot sales decreased. The setting is California wine country where Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) embark on a week-long road trip just before one is about to be married. They are seeking the perfect bottle of wine!

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Lincourt CA Pinot Noir, $18.99

IvP Banh Mi $10

5 | Bottle Shock (2008) - In this comedic drama, Alan Rickman portrays Stephen Spurrier, an English wine merchant and Sommelier, who set up the Judgment of Paris. The 1976 blind tasting pit American wines against France’s best. Chateau Montelena in Napa won the Chardonnay competition and made the winemaking region famous. The film also chronicles a tumultuous father-son relationship that grows into trust.

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Annabella Napa Chardonnay, $14.99

Joy-Maica $10

6 | Somm (2012) - During nearly 40 years, only 220 professionals worldwide have passed the Master Sommelier exam, which is considered one of the crowning achievements of wine knowledge. This documentary follows four candidates as they swirl, sip and study for the test.

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Aquaribay Malbec $12.99

Spicy Porker $10

7 | Red Obsession (2013) - A stunningly shot documentary narrated by Russell Crowe about the Bordeaux winemaking region in France. Interviews with wine professionals and winemakers provide insight into China’s relentless pursuit of luxury Premier Crus and how it affects these chateaus and sets the prices in the global economy. For the Chinese, the brand recognition of prestigious bottlings is a symbol of what they have achieved and Western culture.

Wine + Sandwich Pairing:
Chateau Des Perligues Graves Bordeaux $15.99

Ruebenesque $10

I have really enjoyed watching these films! I hope that you do too!

Joyce Watson
Wine Director